a luxury brand and business strategy agency

For over 14 years, we’ve been building brands and transcending the norm through business development and execution.

We are a full-service, luxury brand and business development agency headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

At Elevatxd, our mission is to transform your ideas into successful business launches through our meticulously tailored brand development strategy, employing the innovative Elevatxd Method. We lay the foundation for your brand, ensuring a robust start for your business and setting the stage for lasting success.

As a visionary global creative strategy agency, we are proudly women-founded and led, specializing in the refined craft of cultivating emotional connections with the world’s most influential consumers. Our methodology involves an authentic and bespoke approach to brand and business development for each discerning client.

What distinguishes our agency? A fusion of elevated innovation, seamlessly transcending borders to deliver a uniquely international reach and appeal.


Elevatxd emerged from my passion of wanting to help others achieve unparalleled brand success in a saturated market.

Leveraging my background as an entrepreneur and content creator, I’ve cultivated a track record of successful integrated partnerships spanning both digital and experiential platforms. My mission has always been to unearth innovative strategies for clients to stand out in the competitive digital landscape. Having traveled the world, my unique experience lies in reaching a diverse, global audience. I take immense pride in the journey that led me to Elevatxd and the diverse, talented team we’ve assembled. Committed to guiding clients through the brand and business development landscape, we strive to achieve their goals with a unique, authentic, and tailored approach.

– Cassandra

the agency

We specialize in luxury brand and business development and launch strategy.

Various Mediums & Timeless Appeal

Our work spans a variety of industries such as fashion, wellness, lifestyle, travel and luxury lifestyle. The sky is the limit to the types of brands we build. We will ensure that through our craft, we build timeless brands and performance-driven businesses.

Customer Care & Uniqueness

We understand that every client has a different vision that they’re passionate about, which is why we hone in on their ambition and drive to be the force that propels their success.

Timing & Execution

We operate with precision and exceptional proficiency, ensuring results within a timeframe that outpaces industry norms. With decades of experience successfully launching brands and businesses under pressure, rest assured that we meet and exceed your timing expectations with unparalleled expertise.

we support and respect your values

our clients

  • Seek to establish a unique and elite brand
  • Aim for high revenues and a fast retention
  • Desire to keep up with trends to stand out from the rest
  • Have an idea of a creative vision and goals for their business 5, 10 years down the road.
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